Hidden Voyage has a strong partnership with AA+G Hospitality Management

An Hospitality Company based in London and Rome

With a combined expertise of more than 40 years in the hospitality sector, the AA+G Hospitality team develops operations strategies that combine scale with agility, deploying resources focused on achieving the hotel owners’ investment goals.



AA+G oversees the asset management of hotels, including financial accounting, sales and marketing, IT and Human Resources.


AA+G offers the hotel partner a dedicated business strategy incorporating all aspects of the hospitality operation, including:

  • Operations
  • Brand Launch or Relaunch
  • New Openings
  • Company reorganization
  • Finance
  • Asset Management Development & Acquisition
  • Commercial Management
  • Communication & Media Relations

Do you want to know more, please visit www.aaghospitality.com or send an email to info@aaghospitality.com