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First of all, the property is assessed on 4 points (this initial inspection usually takes place remotely):

  • Destination
  • Location
  • Any local permits required to do business
  • Design and state of the property


If it passes the initial inspection, the property is then visited by one of our team. If the visit has a successful outcome, the property is then assessed by the New Property Executive Committee (NPEC), which will make the final decision on acceptance into the collection.


Once the contract is signed, from that moment Hidden Voyage Residences becomes the Property Management Company for that property.


Once the property has been accepted and the contract signed, a photographer and a Revenue Management specialist will visit it, along with a Content Specialist. They will create a photographic book and begin to outline a strategic pricing structure, as well as writing the description to support sales.


An inventory of the items and furniture contained in the property is drawn up.


An annual Business Plan will be shared with the owner.


Within 45 days of signing the contract, the property will be available for booking on all the global’s main booking platforms.


Every 30 days the owner will receive a detailed report on the progress of bookings and on financial accounts. Progress can be checked at any time through our APP, or online.

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