Finance & Asset Management



AA+G works alongside its capital partners to provide assistance on:

  • Due Diligence exercise before investment

  • Acquisition/disposition strategy development

  • Post-acquisition/disposition transitional services

  • Tax structuring, reporting and compliance

  • Accounting and reporting for all assets and portfolios

  • Development of financing strategies and structures

  • Maintaining bank relationships and continuously assessing refinancing strategies

Asset Management

Working closely with independent hotels and branded hotel groups, AA+G cultivates effective working relationships with the management teams, building trust and an understanding of the entire business. AA+G supports the management team to deliver optimum results for investors.

  • Monthly reviews focus on key areas of performance improvement

  • Clear reporting with detailed proposals for future success

  • Evaluation of capex requests prior to submission to owners to ensure all appropriate ROI scenarios are applied

  • Annual Budget reviews are worked through before submission to owners

  • Operator Search and Selection

  • Reviews of Operator Management Agreements ensure that future proofing is built into the agreement

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